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FAQ: Family Law

Question: Does divorce require the services of an attorney? A: Although it is common for married couples to get divorced, it is a good idea to hire an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the ...
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Tips to Help Save Money on Your Family Law Attorney

Having to go through a legal dispute that involves family issues can be a draining experience, both mentally and emotionally. If you are engaged in a legal dispute with other members of your family, ...
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Which Method of Divorce Should I Pursue?

There are several different ways that separating couples can choose to carry out their divorce. While these methods all accomplish the same essential task of dissolving a marriage, the exact way that ...
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Huge Changes to New York State Family Law

Divorce can become incredibly complicated in just a short amount of time, depending on the details of the marriage and the size of each spouse's estate. In the past, family law judges presiding in ...
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Impact of Ashley Madison Hack on Divorce

On July 15 th, 2015, the extramarital affair website AshleyMadison.com was hacked, and reportedly millions upon millions of user account data files were released to the public. As the website was ...
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Support for Same-Sex Marriages May Be in Serious Decline

A poll that was conducted between July 9 th and July 13 th by the Associated Press in regards to the United States Supreme Court's recent ruling on same-sex marriage legalization has come up with ...
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Changing Your Name After a Divorce in New York

Navigating a divorce can seem like a hassle because of the many nuances involved. You'll have to decide on asset and debt divisions, property management, and possibly even child support. Another ...
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Can I Modify My Child Custody Arrangement?

Child custody arrangements are not permanent. Circumstances change, and it is not uncommon for one or both parents to ask for child custody changes at one time or another. It is important to remember ...
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What if My Ex-Spouse Refuses to Pay Child Support?

It is not uncommon after a divorce for an ex-spouse to fail to comply with the terms of the divorce settlement agreement, in one way or another. If your former spouse or parent of your child(ren) ...
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How is Child Support Calculated in New York?

Child support can be one of the most emotionally charged and litigious areas of divorce. In this state, it is calculated according to a formula established by the Child Support Standards Act. The ...
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How Long Does Spousal Support Last?

Alimony, or spousal support, can be temporary, short-term, long-term, or permanent, depending on the circumstances of the parties. As there are many circumstances that could affect the amount and ...
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What Do the Courts Look for in a Child Custody Case?

Child custody is an important issue to divorcing parents. There could be strongly conflicting opinions regarding where the children should spend the majority of their time. In some cases, one parent ...
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How are Assets Split in a New York Divorce?

If you are considering divorce, it is important to have an understanding of state law with regard to the marital assets. As your future financial health will be impacted by the final agreement or ...
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Challenging a Paternity Claim in New York

If you are the target of a paternity claim, and legal action has been taken to force you to pay support for a child, you have the right to challenge the claim. The issue revolves around whether you ...
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How Do I Get an Order of Protection?

When a person is at risk of injury, or has been threatened with harm, legal protection can be gained through an order of protection. The order will legally restrict the abusive person from injuring, ...
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Taping of Conversations in Custody Disputes

I had an interesting issue arise in a case the other day dealing with my client's visitation in the midst of a child dispute. Their ex-spouse had temporary custody of their child. During a ...
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Post Judgment Enforcement

I represent a client in a post-divorce judgment matter in which the Judgment of Divorce ordered the ex-spouse to transfer the deed to many apartment buildings over to the ex-spouse. The judgment ...
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Child Support

I represent a client who did not have custody of his children and was ordered to pay child support. As a result of my aggressive representation of the father, I was able to protect and enforce his ...
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One of my clients is currently attempting to relocate to her home state of Florida, with her children. The parties were divorced in New York and her ex-husband is objecting to the move. The following ...
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Father's Rights

One of my clients is currently involved in a divorce and child custody battle. His wife has exhibited outrageous conduct, ranging from depriving my client of the time for visitation ordered by the ...
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Enforcement Remedies

Recently I was faced with a situation where my client was granted a substantial counsel fee award from the court. However, the husband refused to pay the amount ordered. According to statute regarding ...
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Jonathan Kroll Featured on News 12

Long Island divorce attorney Jonathan Kroll was featured on News 12 where he discussed the topic of extramarital affairs and divorce. After Ashley Madison®.com, the world's leading married ...
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Garden City Woman Hires Hitman during Divorce

A Garden City mother of four was recently arrested after attempting to hire a hitman to kill her husband. Initially, she contacted a confidential source saying she was going through a divorce, she ...
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Jonathan Kroll

Obtained a great result by getting my client a final order of protection after a long trial in the Nassau County Family Court. The client was fearful that they did not have grounds for divorce but ...
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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our Blog
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