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Child Visitation: Protecting Your Parental Rights

There are countless divorce cases in which the issue of visitation is a problem that must be resolved. Whether there has been a final decree and court order that is not being complied with, or issues have arisen in which it is necessary to modify a court order, or the divorce has not yet been initiated, at Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC, we can help. You have rights as a parent, and the courts will uphold these rights in almost every case. There are certain issues that can be a problem, such as drug addiction, alcoholism, child abuse, neglect or criminal activities.

If any of these are taking place, you must have supporting evidence for your claim. Making accusations against another parent in court without evidence can backfire.

The court has seen countless cases in which parents simply cannot come to an agreement and there is a highly contested divorce, often on multiple issues, including the matter of visitation. When the two parents work together and get the matter of child custody and visitation resolved without the need of a trial, it is often a far better solution for everyone - particularly the children. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

Certain parents are so dismayed with each other that there is literally no hope of resolution through alternative dispute resolution methods. In these cases, it could not be more important that your legal representation is of the highest quality. It is absolutely factual that the skills of your Long Island visitation attorney are a critical factor in the final decision at trial. We have the dedication and legal acumen to represent you in these cases. We are personally involved with our clients, and when parental rights are threatened, you can be confident that we will fight for you, for your children and for justice.

Violations of Existing Court Orders in Visitation

Are you the parent of child that is not getting the visitation that the court ordered? This matter must be taken up with the court to get it resolved. A parent that constantly has excuses as to why the children cannot visit, or claims that they don't want to spend time with you, could be involved in parental alienation.

The courts do not look kindly on parents who take action to turn a child against the other parent. If you are not being able to spend the time with your children as was ordered by the court in a divorce agreement, it is time to take action before matters get worse. In extreme cases, the court may even change the custody of the children if one parent is engaged in alienating the children against the other. We know what to do and how to protect parental rights, and we are zealous advocates for our clients in these crucial matters.

Modifications of Visitation Orders

When a parent is no longer providing a safe environment for children due to alcohol or drug abuse, criminal activities or neglect, it is vital that legal action is taken to modify the existing order. Without court approval for a change, even a parent that is purely concerned with their child's safety can run into legal trouble. Violating a court order can lead to charges of contempt of court and legal repercussions that could impact your own access to your children.

Cases of Child Abuse, Criminal Activities, Drug Abuse or Alcohol Abuse

When a child is in an environment that is no longer safe, legal action must be taken. Certain parents could have problems with drugs or alcohol, or may be neglecting their duties as a parent when the children are with them. Any such case should be addressed through legal channels with the help of a law firm with extensive experience in child visitation and parental rights.

The court will always be focused on the best interests of the children when making a decision. If you believe your child(ren) are in danger in the other parent's home or while sharing time with that parent, there are legal actions that can be taken to restrict visitation, or to make it necessary to have chaperoned visits. In any such case, we must bring compelling evidence of the unsafe environment to court when seeking to change an existing order, or when litigating any child custody matter such as visitation rights.

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