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Perhaps the most important aspect of divorce proceedings, child custody hearings need to be approached carefully. If things should get heated or out of hand, custody battles can further the divide between you and your spouse, as well as make your children feel uncomfortable or uncertain.

At Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC, our Long Island divorce lawyers fully understand how sensitive yet consequential the situation can be if not taken seriously. We can work with your spouse on your behalf to discover your child custody goals and the best ways to reach them fairly. More than anything, we want to always keep your child's well-being as the priority.

Key Factors Judges Consider in Child Custody Decisions

When ruling on child custody, judges will consider various factors, including:

  • Time you spend with your children
  • Activities or events you attend with your children
  • Your occupation and how often it keeps you from home
  • Aggression or mistreatment of the child
  • Health of the child
  • Your financial stability

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Choosing Between Joint or Sole Custody in Long Island

After reviewing your relationship with your children and your spouse, the court will decide upon a custody option, either joint or sole. In joint custody, both parents will share responsibility for the livelihood of your children and each will get a say in important life decisions. The aim is to encourage both parents to put their differences aside and cooperate with one another for the benefit of their children.

If you petition for sole custody, or the court decides it is the right answer to uphold the best interests of your child, only one parent will be given the rights as a primary caregiver. This parent will be entirely responsible for raising the child and does not need to accept any advice or requests from the other. While it can be beneficial for you to win sole custody, it can also be more stressful, as the "job" of raising your child falls, more or less, entirely on your shoulders. It should also be noted that if your spouse wins sole custody of your children, you can still petition for visitation schedules that allow you to see your children during special events or holidays.

Legal Support for Child Custody Across Long Island and Beyond

At Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC, our Long Island divorce attorneys firmly believe that you deserve compassionate and reliable representation when dealing with child custody disputes. By working closely with you and never making a decision that makes you feel uneasy, we hope to get you through this trying process as painlessly as possible without every losing sight of your rights and needs. We can also support you if you have already gotten divorce and feel like things did not go as plan by helping you file for child custody modifications.

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