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  • Taping of Conversations in Custody Disputes
    Taping of Conversations in Custody Disputes

    I had an interesting issue arise in a case the other day dealing with my client's visitation in the midst of a child dispute. Their ex-spouse had temporary custody of their child. During a visitation ...

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  • Post Judgment Enforcement
    Post Judgment Enforcement

    I represent a client in a post-divorce judgment matter in which the Judgment of Divorce ordered the ex-spouse to transfer the deed to many apartment buildings over to the ex-spouse. The judgment ...

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  • Child Support
    Child Support

    I represent a client who did not have custody of his children and was ordered to pay child support. As a result of my aggressive representation of the father, I was able to protect and enforce his ...

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  • Relocation

    One of my clients is currently attempting to relocate to her home state of Florida, with her children. The parties were divorced in New York and her ex-husband is objecting to the move. The following ...

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  • Father's Rights
    Father's Rights

    One of my clients is currently involved in a divorce and child custody battle. His wife has exhibited outrageous conduct, ranging from depriving my client of the time for visitation ordered by the ...

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  • Enforcement Remedies
    Enforcement Remedies

    Recently I was faced with a situation where my client was granted a substantial counsel fee award from the court. However, the husband refused to pay the amount ordered. According to statute regarding ...

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