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Post Judgment Enforcement

I represent a client in a post-divorce judgment matter in which the Judgment of Divorce ordered the ex-spouse to transfer the deed to many apartment buildings over to the ex-spouse. The judgment stated that once all of the properties were transferred, the ex-spouse would refinance the properties and pay my client equitable distribution of millions of dollars. The ex-spouse refused to follow this order of the court. Failure to transfer the last property allowed the ex-spouse to avoid paying the monies due to my client. I was able to obtain a money judgment against my client's ex-spouse for the amount of money due to my client. Currently, I am requesting from the court an order preventing the ex-spouse from doing anything with the properties until the money judgment is satisfied. If granted by the court, my client will be able to be comforted by the fact that the properties can no longer be sold or transferred.

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