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Obtaining a Jewish Divorce

Although divorce is discouraged under Jewish law, Jewish couples may obtain a divorce if there is bitterness between the partners. In religious Jewish divorce, the husband must grant his wife a get, which is a religious document of divorce. According to biblical law, only when a husband has granted his wife this get is the couple released from the bonds of matrimony.

At Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC, we offer compassionate guidance and comprehensive representation to Jewish couples on Long Island and in the surrounding areas. We are sensitive to your unique needs and will take the time to understand your goals before providing our tailored advice. With extensive experience with family law and divorce cases, our Long Island Jewish divorce attorney is prepared to assist you with this difficult process.

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The Get Procedure

In a religious Jewish divorce, the get procedure must be performed in front of a rabbinical court consisting of three rabbis. The get must be written by a scribe and handed to the wife by the husband in the presence of two witnesses. Without a get, a Jewish husband and wife may not remarry.

Helping You Navigate Your Divorce Proceedings

Though our primary goal is to help you finalize your civil divorce process per New York State law, we are respectful of our clients’ religious beliefs and strive to help Jewish couples navigate the divorce process in a manner that is comfortable for them. We can ensure that the get is completed as we navigate the many steps necessary in your family law case.

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