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How Do I Get an Order of Protection?

How Do I Get an Order of Protection?

When a person is at risk of injury, or has been threatened with harm, legal protection can be gained through an order of protection. The order will legally restrict the abusive person from injuring, threatening or harassing you, your family or others members of your household. These orders frequently include a restriction regarding contact, and require that the abusive individual stay away from you, your children and your home, may require that the person move out of the home and pay child support, and will require that there are no guns in his or her possession.

There are several types of orders of protection, including family court order of protection, the form of order that is issued to halt the threat of domestic violence. To get a family court order of protection, the person named in the order must be a current or former spouse, the other parent of your child, a family member, or a person with whom you have an intimate relationship of some type.

The first step in getting a family court order of protection is submitting a Family Offense petition. New York domestic violence lawyer Jonathan E. Kroll can assist you with every detail of the process, and file quickly so you gain the protection offered under the law. Essentially, if the named person violates the order, he or she will be arrested and taken into custody.

Cases of domestic violence are extremely frightening and dangerous. Domestic abuse can escalate rapidly, putting a family at great risk of injury or even death. There are a range of family offenses, including verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse. It is extremely important that you have legal protection in place if you are facing an abusive situation. Contact our firm for immediate help in getting an order of protection. We will act at once, as legal protection is an urgent matter for victims of abuse. Call now.


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