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Post-Divorce Enforcement

Long Island Divorce Attorney

Even though you may have settled on an agreement during your divorce proceedings, you may require more assistance with having those agreements enforced. Obtaining the services of a respected and experienced Long Island divorce lawyer from Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC is recommended.

Do you need help collecting child or spousal support?

We have helped clients face the following issues after their divorce:

  • Former spouse failing to pay child support or alimony
  • Former spouse does not remove our client's name from a mortgage
  • Former spouse fails to liquidate assets or otherwise comply with the provisions of the property division and separation agreement

If you are facing any of the aforementioned issues, our skilled attorneys can negotiate with your ex-spouse to ensure he/she follows the court agreement or petition the court if necessary. We can also employ various legal methods to help ensure that the agreements are followed in the future.

Divorce Enforcement Lawyer Serving Clients in Garden City, Rockville Centre, Roslyn, Great Neck, Woodbury and Five Towns

At times there will be changes in your life that will cause you to need to modify the terms of your divorce settlement agreement. Our firm can assist you with these changes. Sometimes the amount of child or spousal support needs to be adjusted due to a change in either party’s financial circumstances.

If either your or your ex-spouse’s income has been affected for some reason, this area may need to be renegotiated. A spouse who was paying support may also request that the requirement be terminated due to the ex-spouse remarrying. Finally, if one of the parents is relocating out of state, visitation and custody issues may arise.

All of these issues require professional assistance, which we can provide you. We are happy to assist you in resolving any post-divorce situations.