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Challenging a Paternity Claim in New York

Challenging a Paternity Claim in New York

If you are the target of a paternity claim, and legal action has been taken to force you to pay support for a child, you have the right to challenge the claim. The issue revolves around whether you are actually the biological father of a child. A mother may claim you fathered a child, but in fact, after testing, it is fully proven that you are not the biological parent. In order to challenge a paternity claim, it will be necessary to get a court order to get DNA testing to conclusively prove or disprove paternity.

A claim that you are the father of a baby may or may not be true. The mother of the child could have informed you that you fathered a child, after a very minor relationship with the mother, and you may not have seen or heard from her for months. The paternity claim usually comes as a shock. Initially, it you may believe it is possible that you are in fact, the father of the baby. It is important that you find out before you commit to paying child support. You may be the father, in which case, you not only will be involved in paying support, but you have certain parental rights that you can insist upon, including visitation and custody.

A study regarding paternity cases in a recent year showed that in 30% of the paternity tests, the man was not actually the biological parent of the child. The mother may have chosen you for other reasons, whether financial or personal, and you owe it to yourself to find out the truth. Attorney Jonathan E. Kroll has assisted in helping men to challenge paternity claims, and can assist you immediately if you are facing this legal problem. Contact us for more information.


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