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Divorce is sure to put any family on edge and under stress, no matter how amicable the decision to end the marriage may be in the beginning. At Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC, our Long Island family lawyer understands and appreciates the sensitive nature of family law disputes.

This is why we are truly genuine when we say that we put our clients’ needs and best interests in focus and leave them there from start to finish. With a trusted legal advocate by your side, you can move your divorce case forward with confidence and comfort.

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No legal issue hits closer to home, so to speak, than a family law dispute. The entirety of your future can feel as if it is hanging in the balance. With the right guidance, everything could resolve peacefully and lead to a happy new chapter in your life.

Without our Long Island divorce lawyer’s help, you might find yourself in a perilous state where you are not allowed to see your kids, financially struggling to get by, forced to move to a new county, and more. When you allow us to work on your case, we can pay close attention to every aspect of your family law issue, moving you closer each day to the resolution you want and deserve.

Family Law Services: Custody, Support, and More

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We are well-versed in legalities associated with the most-complex of divorces, such as high net worth divorce or when paternity must be called into question. You can rely on us for everything your case needs, from preparing for the initial filing at the clerk’s office on Long Island to post-divorce enforcement of orders. We can also come swiftly to your aid when you require an order of protection to put distance between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Expert Legal Support for Complex Divorce Cases

The boundaries of matrimonial law can feel restrictive as you enter a divorce if you do not fully understand them. By working with our divorce attorney on Long Island, you can empower your case and seek out the best approach to your objectives.

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